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Your questions answered:


Illustration: HIM's signed deed of gift

“In appreciation of the warm welcome extended to Him by the people of Bath has graciously offered to donate said freehold and leasehold properties to the Corporation [of Bath] for use as a home for aged people…”

Can I visit Fairfield House?

Can I camp in the grounds of Fairfield House?

How can I help Fairfield House?

How do I stay close to the real decisions about the future?

Here are updated answers to in-depth questions previously submitted by the EWF (London local #3). We are happy to address further questions submitted. 

1. What guarantee do we have that the CIC will continue to uphold the wishes of HIM when he entered into a covenant with Bath City Council, to leave Fairfield House as a refuge for the elderly?

2. Why does the CIC desire the transfer away from the local authority?

Is this action remaining in the spirit of the Lion of Judah?

3. What has the CIC done with the Council in relation to Fairfield House? 

4. If the CIC should be wound up, what then happens to this asset?

5. How can we maintain the Ras Taferi community’s interest?

6. Who has overall responsibility for the running of the house? 

7. Is there any plans to make Fairfield House a residence for the aged by providing accommodation

8. How much of the surrounding land belongs to Fairfield House?

9. How much of the surrounding land is available for building on?

10. Is it just the house that’s owned or are the garages and the small house beside the garages part of Fairfield House grounds?

11. Do the Directors of the CIC have any specific areas of expertise and what further roles are required?

12. Since installation in March 2019 is there anything that the CIC has done that hasn’t been previously raised?

​13. CIC usually have a mix of income including contracts, trading income and grants – what does the CIC envisage its top sources of income to be?



Help preserve the legacy of Emperor Haile Selassie I at Fairfield House.

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