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B&NES Council Leader Dine Romero visits Fairfield as house floods again

On Fri 3 Oct B&NES Council Leader Dine Romero visited Fairfield House. She met Bemsca staff and elders and Fairfield House Bath CIC. Ms Romero is the LibDem political leader for B&NES which owns Fairfield House, and would chair the key cabinet meetings that would reach any decisions about its future. She wanted to see for herself the life of the house and condition of the building.

It’s a B&NES reunion in the Fairfield kitchen as former B&NES social worker Sonia (left), and Sonia in the middle - still employed by B&NES - meet Council leader Dine Romero.

As it happens later that same day water yet again came down through the the ceiling, and our volunteer maintenance man Des had to scramble on to the roof to do an emergency repair. But this time we informed Cllr Romero and the Council was very responsive: back in touch the same day and with scaffolding on site to clear the roof in under two weeks. Fairfield House is a globally important piece of heritage and it needs friends in high places in our local community.

Guess who saved the day yet again? Des equipped to scramble on to the roof.



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