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Renovation progress during lockdown at Fairfield House

A new chandelier has just been installed in His Majesty's landing area..thought to have been the place where the Emperor during the period of exile would be waiting to greet important visitors to Fairfield.

Just a small part of the renovation and refurbishment that has been happening at Fairfield house over the past year driven by our Community Interest Company, this chandelier was chosen to reflect two of His Majesty's symbols, the Star of David and the Holy Trinity.

In time, it is possible this small chandelier may move to another prominent location In the house such as the living room as design students at @bathspauni have taken up the challenge to design an even more impressive chandelier that will further reflect His Majesty and Ethiopia's symbols. For now.. it's a fantastic and meaningful improvement from the lonely lightbulb and tangled chain that was there until recently.

The new chandelier just installed has been just one part of the love and care that the community interest company has been able to give Fairfield House during the lockdown period.

Over the last year a deep clean and spruce up of the house has been possible as it never has been before and so far, 4 rooms that were a little neglected have been renovated with decorating and new flooring (following the discovery of a long term leak). The extensive basements of the house have also been decluttered (22 trips to the recycling centre).

Thanks to volunteers and the professional services of Des (available to hire!) for the hard work involved. These spaces we hope will soon be available to let to local " sister" organisations to Fairfield House Bath CIC who share a positive purpose. This in turn will help develop and sustain more improvements that will benefit our communities, particularly the elderly and the legacy of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I



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