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A historic day at Fairfield House

On Sunday 9th October at Fairfield House we had a historic and wonderful occasion.

It was the anniversary of the Ethiopian Royal family moving into their home and refuge in the City of Bath and the day that Fairfield House Bath CIC and Bath Council made a formal agreement to work together, with a lease and partnership to protect and preserve Fairfield house and cherish the Emperor's legacy in the City. A moment worthy of celebration and the result of many years of hard work for us and those in our communities that have always campaigned for Fairfield House.

Visitors on the historical guided tour had an absolute treat when Her Imperial Highness Princess Esther Sellassie Antohin, the Emperor and Empress' great granddaughter and Co Chair of Fairfield House , joined the tour group and spoke with visitors.

The celebrations then began and HIH Princess Esther, @bathnescouncil leader Cllr Kevin Guy and members of the Fairfield House community along with our new visitor friends celebrated together embarking on the joint effort between the Council and Fairfield House Bath CIC to preserve, cherish and build upon the Emperor’s great legacy here in the City. #FairfieldHouse #visitbath #rediscoverbath #FootstepsoftheEmperor #Haileselassie #Ethiopia #Rastafari #CityofBath #Community #History #Heritage #Culture



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