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Fairfield House Energy and Sustainability Report

On Friday the 4th of February 2022 at Fairfield House local people in Bath attended a presentation and discussion hosted by our Fairfield Energy and Sustainability team. The subject was energy efficiency in heritage properties, and a well presented vision was put forward for Fairfield to become an exemplar in energy performance and sustainability.

The inefficient heating system at Fairfield House emits 53 tonnes of CO2 a year. Fairfield House Bath C.I.C director Fisseha Combley and B&NES deputy leader Cllr Sarah Warren are determined to put a stop to that .

Thankyou to all attendees, friends and supporters involved in this project. The reports and presentations from this event with our future recommendations for the house are available to download here :

211129_Fairfield House Sustainable Vision Strategy Final Report
Download PDF • 4.44MB

211129_Fairfield House Sustainable Vision Strategy APPENDIX
Download PDF • 33.42MB

220204_Sustainable Vision Presentation
Download PDF • 5.69MB



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