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Indoor and Outdoor refurbishment in September at Fairfield House

Kindness and Support

On the 23rd of July at Fairfield House we received a special donation from a kind visitor who wishes to remain anonymous. We are very thankful to this person and to everyone who has donated and supported at Fairfield House in recent times

Refurbishment This giving has enabled us to plan and embark on a new refurbishment project in the house for September to spruce things up in more of a royal manner inside, just how Fairfield House is undergoing repair and renovation outside by Bath and North East Somerset Council and contractor Mobius. The scaffolding will be coming down during this time and there will be a grand re opening of Fairfield for Black History Month aka Haile Selassie Month in #Bath in October. Community help needed For this renovation effort we are calling out to skilled members of our communities with painting and decorating. If you are able to give time to help @houseofhismajesty between Monday September 4th and Friday 22nd September please get in contact with us ASAP #FairfieldHouse #HouseofHisMajesty #Haileselassie #HaileselassieI #Rastafari #Ethiopia #CityofBath #Community #Heritage #Culture #History



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