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The First Fairfield House Table Tennis Tournament and Family Day

At the end of April this year, we hosted our first ever Fairfield House Table Tennis Tournament and family day. It was a fun and memorable day and we look forward to it happening again next year. Whilst living at Fairfield House, during the period of Ethiopian distress 1936 - 1941 , His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and family were known to play ping pong. It would have been a welcome distraction for the Emperor who was experiencing one of the most difficult periods of His life and also an enjoyable activity to share with his children and grandchildren.

We would like to thank Wesport for the funding support to BEMSCA which enabled us to host this tournament and to have the Table Tennis equipment at Fairfield which have very quickly became loved by members of all our communities.

Fairfield House Singles and Doubles Champions, Ian, Triscott and Jim

Thankyou to all participants and supporters for a wonderful + historic day at Fairfield House

We really look forward to our next Tournament - April 2023

More photos and videos of the day are available to view on our social media



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