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Universities partnership manager required

October 10, 2022

Brief for Partnership Manager – Fairfield House Bath Community Interest Company

We are looking for a freelance project manager from our communities of interest to lead

our relationship with Bath Spa University (BSU) from November 2022 to June 2023. The key

task is to generate trust and deliver on the agreement we already have in place to work

closely with BSU across a range of activities.

Most of the role is facilitation, finding roles and research at Fairfield House which fulfil the

academic needs of students and occasionally researchers/academics (eg placements,

projects, research, shadowing). Sometimes it is supporting events or suggesting and

developing new ideas for collaboration. We need to keep good communication with the

University and to prove the impact of their funding (approx. £10,000 a year).

We anticipate it taking around 10 hours a month over this nine-month period, with a

possibility to extend the contract on review. The key measure of success is that the

University is happy with the partnership and want to continue!

Essential qualities you can demonstrate:

- Some knowledge of what Universities need/how they work

- Ability to forge and develop relationships at organisational level

- Empathy with students

- Ability to get up to speed with what’s on offer at Fairfield House as a place of

heritage and community interest, and to identify/suggest potential opportunities

and deliver them (we have a long project list for reference)

- Know when to call meetings and involve board directors and judge when

opportunities are not worth pursuing

- Ability to motivate, encourage and manage volunteers

- Ability to meet people and attend events at Fairfield House

- Good project management

Contract value: £1,500 payable in 3 stages (upfront, midway and on completion)

If you are interested please send us your CV and a covering note saying why you’d like to do

this work and how you’re well suited to it by October 31, 2022. If you would like to have an

informal chat about it in advance please email . The board

aims to make a decision to award the contract by end of November and may interview on a

rolling basis.



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