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Fairfield House Bath CIC announces first staff appointment

Fairfield House Bath CIC is delighted to announce the appointment of Ras Benji as its first staff member. The appointment, to the role of operations manager, comes after an open and competitive process. The part-time three days a week role builds seamlessly on a series of successful projects completed by Ras Benji, who as a volunteer also developed and delivers Fairfield House’s new Sunday public opening and historical guided tours for visitors.

The new operations manager will steer Fairfield House Bath CIC to successful achievement of its annual strategic objectives and financial targets. He will help relieve Fairfield House’s volunteer directors (including Bemsca manager Pauline Swaby) of responsibility for day to day aspects of the life of the house both routine and unexpected. He will also take responsibility for other appropriate and agreed uses of the house - such as open days, Rastafari and Ethiopian Community activities including the celebration of anniversaries - in line with Fairfield House Bath CIC’s appropriate usage, equality and other policies.

“We’re delighted with the appointment of Ras Benji from a field of strong candidates,“ said Fairfield House trustee Karen Crawford, who led the appointment process.

"For the past 12 years volunteering for Fairfield House has been a huge part of my life and It is a dream to have been offered this responsibility to lead our diverse operations at His Majesty's home in Bath." said Ras Benji

Notes: Fairfield House Bath CIC is the not-for-profit social enterprise set up to protect and celebrate the legacy of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie to the city of Bath. It has taken a short lease on Fairfield House and is now working in partnership with the owner B&NES Council to put the legacy on a secure long-term footing.



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